Here is to us...

We at Telaviv Driving School we value morals more than anything.

Our Motto

Bringing services close to the people.

Our Vision

To be leading driving school globally in provoding excellent training to the drivers for compliance in driving industry.

Our Mission

To create a pool of Qualified & Competent digital drivers (of the current & future century) who value sanctity of life.

Popular Driving Courses

At Telaviv Driving School we are offering the following and more driving courses as directed by NTSA's new Carriculum. Below is a list of most popular courses.

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Fee Payable

KShs. 13,000.00


263 Students

Category B1

(Light Vehicle)


This is a light vehicle passager or personal car course

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Fee Payable

KShs. 7,000.00


157 Students

Category A2

(Light Motorcycle)


This is a light mortocycle for up to one passager!

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Fee Payable

KShs. 14,000.00


44 Students

Category C1

(Light Truck)


This is a light Truck course e.g. Double Cabbin

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Our Skills

We have a highly qualified team of instructors and non-teaching staff.
Below is our skills efficiency.

Practical Training


Theory Training


Student Support


Customer Support


Why People like us?


We are not here to train just drivers, we train professional drivers who will shine out there.

Moral Mentorship

At Televiv Driving School, it is not all about training people how to drive, but train them morally and socially too.

Excelent Student & Customer Support

We make sure our support team is check all the time, we make sure all the needs of any customer or student is addressed as timely as possible.

Online Learning

At Telaviv Driving School, students can learn online and do exams (CATs only) online at their own free time from any where with our advenced Computer Aided Trainning tools.

Telaviv Driving Directors

Below is the Team that keeps telaviv connected to the upper world.

Bishop Ezekiel M. Rwito

He is the Director of Telaviv Traders Limited and also a bishop, he is the holder of Bachelor Degree in Marketing from KEMU, a Degree in Public Relations, an Advanced Certificate in HRM and is undertaking a Masters Degree in Strategic Management in KEMU. He is also the Bishop of Redeemed El-Bethel Church Intl.

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Peter M. Chungi

He is a visionally and focused youth leader. He is in process of writing his biography which he is scaling very high with alot of passion.

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Mrs. Hellen M. Mwongera

She is a teacher by profession and a Marriage Counselor (Graduate from J.C.C School of Ministry - Mombasa). A wife to Bishop Ezekiel Rwito

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Shadrack Kalung'e

He is the Operations Manager of Telaviv Driving School
All he has to say is:-
Join Telaviv Driving School and let us drive Kenya forward together.

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Philip Muroki

He is the Public Relations Manager at Telaviv Driving School and a persuing a Bachelor Degree in Statistics.
All he has to say is:-
Always focus on the windshield and not the review mirror. - Colin Powell

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Our Partners

We always believe that alone we are strong but together we are unstopable.
Thus, Telaviv Driving School is working hand in hand with the following partners to make sure we are giving quality and credible Training and Services.

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Talk to us any day any time, our support team is here for you, we appreciate your feedback too.

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