About Telaviv Driving School

Telaviv Driving School was founded by Bishop Ezekiel M. Rwito in the year 2015. This was after he discovered the vacuum that exit in the field of driving.
It has since grown to a big driving school with 5 branches and still expanding.
Telaviv Driving School has also introduced online/distance learning where people can learn Theory lessons online and do CATs online then practicals at their own free time.

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Our Skills

We are loved by many due to our extensive experience and skills in the following fields


Practical Training


Theory Training


Student Support


Customer Support

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Team of Telaviv Driving School

Everything we do in Telaviv Driving School, is made possible by this hardworking, patience and caring team.

CEO - Telaviv Driving School

Ezekiel M. Rwito

Founder and CEO

He is the Director of Telaviv Traders Limited and also a bishop, he is the holder of Bachelor Degree in Marketing from KEMU, a Degree in Public Relations, an Advanced Certificate in HRM and is undertaking a Masters Degree in Strategic Management

Co-Founder - Telaviv Driving School

Peter M. Chungi


He is the Co-Founder and a Non-Managing Director at Telaviv Driving School a visionally and focused youth leader. He is in process of writing his biography which he is scaling very high with alot of passion.

Co-Founder-2 - Telaviv Driving School

Mrs. Elizabeth M. Mwongera


She is a teacher by profession and a Marriage Counselor (Graduate from J.C.C School of Ministry - Mombasa). A wife to Bishop Ezekiel Rwito.

Operations Manager - Telaviv Driving School

Mr. Shadrack Kalunge

Operations Manager

He is the Operations Manager of Telaviv Driving School
All he has to say is:-
Join Telaviv Driving School and let us drive Kenya forward together.

Public Realtions Manager - Telaviv Driving School

Philip Muroki

Public Relations Manager

He is the Public Relations Manager at Telaviv Driving School and a persuing a Bachelor Degree in Statistics.
All he has to say is:-
Always focus on the windshield and not the review mirror. - Colin Powell

Automotive Manager - Telaviv Driving School

Mr. Mutiso

Automotive Manager

He is the Automotive Manager at Telaviv Driving School. He is an Automotive Mechanic by profession
All he has to say is:-
At Telaviv Driving School, we dont just teach you how to drive, we teach you how to drive with confidence.

Chief Secretary - Telaviv Driving School

Joy kaguri


She is the secretary at Telviv Driving School and also chief of staff.
All she has to say is:-
Ease your customers pain.

Instructor - Telaviv Driving School

Eric Muraya


He is the Chief Instructor at Telaviv Driving School.
All he has to say is:-
On the road, of all drivers, only you who is sane; the rest are insane.

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