Students Terms and Conditions

Table of Contents

  • 1.0 Registration and Conduct Terms and Conditions
  • 2.0 Fee Payment Terms and Conditions
  • 1.0 Registration and Conduct Terms and Conditions

    1. Each learner should carry the school identification card while attending the trainee (both in theory and practical).
    2. Each student must sign daily class attendance list.
    3. Each student should be able to attend 75% of the lessons before booking for the external final driving test carried out by authorized government examiners.
    4. Before attending the final external driving test, the learner must pass practical and theory test conducted by instructors, the learner must get above 70% before being booked for the final external driving test.
    5. Any loss or cost incurred by the school due to student conduct or mishandling the school property without prior permission from the management/instructor, the cost will be met by the student involved.
    6. All students must report to the respective training centre’s 20 minutes before the training begin.
    7. All school policies must be adhered to.
    8. Do not bribe the instructors for any special favors’, the fee charged is enough for your training
    9. No student will be allowed to sit for the external final driving test before clearing fee balances.
    10. If one will not attend any lesson due to any reason, he/she should notify the respective office secretary one day before.
    11. No student should attend classes without paying his or her school fees. If one has paid for half course and found driving school vehicle will be charged Ksh.1500 for every lesson attended.
    12. If one has paid for class FG or E and found going class BCE or the class not paid for, one will pay equivalent of the class he or she is doing plus a penalty of Ksh.1500 only.
    13. No student should attend training sessions( theory or practical) while drunk , smoking or chewing miraa. If this repeated severally will lead to discontinuation and no money paid will be refunded.
    14. Any complain should be addressed to the Director through customer care number 0713778332 or email or to the respective secretary.

    2.0 Fee Payment Terms and Conditions

    1. Fees once paid is not refundable nor transferable.
    2. Ensure that you are issued with official receipt for all payment made to the school. Complain without the valid official receipt will not be entertained or allowed.
    3. Valid official receipt must have two numbers, i.e. the normal receipt number and printed on the receipt as serialized and the computer or system generated receipt number.
    4. To authenticate the originality validity of the receipt issued, student should log in his/her account and check if the system/computer receipt number indicated on the receipt issued are matching. if they don’t match, report directly to the CEO / office manager through the following phone number.0713778332 within 48hrs
    5. Do not pay or give money to the instructors or any other person except the office secretaries and be confirmed with issuance of a valid receipt.